Nail routine

Because I believe nails are just as important as your outfit or hairdo I paint them every week (also never forget your toes especially when you show them!!)

One of my best friends has her own beauty salon and she introduced me with OPI a few years ago. And since then I have been true to this brand.

I especially love the nail envy line op OPI, which besides a nice colour strenghtens your nails. I have got these three colours 

As you can see I use the bubble bath colour the most.

Before painting my nails I always file them in a round shape. I believe a round shape helps to not break my nails as fast as when in a square shape. I also always use a glass file, I was told this also helps to prevent your nails from breaking. This file also last very long! 

After filing, and when I use a lighter colour I always use a white pencil for under the white lining of the nail. This gives you that french manicure look without too much fuss.

But today I am going for the colour Hawaiian Orchid. 

After aplying two coats. I al set for the week ahead!

Boerin op manolos

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