Maternity clothing

I was soo happy when I finally saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound after 4 miscarriages. But now I beated the challenge of getting and staying pregnant I now stood before the what to wear when pregnant challenge. After 14 weeks my ‘normal’ clothing became thigther and thighter.. So I had a good reason to shop.

Because I am pregnant in spring/summer and the spring can be really cold in the Netherlands but the summer really hot I wanted to do some smart shopping. You only wear maternity clothing for a few months after all. But I want get throug my pregnancy with a bit of style…

First stop for me was H&M, they have some nice maternity pieces for a great price. But soon I also fell in love with Seraphine maternity clothing which is based in the UK.

So here is one of my first pregnancy outfits just right for those colder spring days.

zwangerschapskleding H&M mamma blouse met kant Seraphine

Blouse H&M Mama- sold our, top H&M Mama here, Pants Seraphine maternity here, shoes Addidas superstar here, watch Maurice Lacroix fiaba diamonds here

Pregnancy Seraphine faux leather Pants, H&M mama blouse, Addidas superstar Zwanger zwangerschapskleding Pregnancy Seraphine faux leather Pants, H&M mama blouse, Addidas superstar

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